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A quiet oasis deep in the forest, two hours northeast of Oslo. We are dedicated to create a unique place for presence, silence and insight. We will offer courses and retreats in group processes, meditation and personal development.

The resort is undergoing renovation and expansion and is expected to open January 2025.



Surrounded by deep quiet forest. Far from the beaten track and outside popular hiking areas. Many of the retreats at Søsætra will be held in a setting of silence.

Søsætra borders the forested belt of land Finnskogen. Tall guardian fir trees, dense foliage and mossy paths. If you pay attention, you may see tracks of moose, wolverine, bear, wolf or lynx.


Many single rooms, high standards and comfortable beds, indoor pool and sauna. A lot of work and consideration has gone into the aesthetic environment in and around the buildings. Ann-Kristin has an eye for detail and knows how to create harmony and atmosphere in every room.

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Green Forest

Follow the process towards opening 

The main house is now completed. Significant structural improvements have been made, along with upgrades to bathrooms and kitchen. Currently, excavation work is underway, and preparations are being made for the construction of the building housing the main course hall and cabins.

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Sørsætervegen 151

2412 Sørskogbygda, Norway

+47 906 08 866

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