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About the place and facilities

Søsætra can accommodate up to 22 guests and consists of several buildings. The main house contains bedrooms, kitchen, common areas and pool. In the yard in front of the barn, three architect-designed cabins are being built, which contain bedrooms. The course hall, bedrooms and bathrooms are being built in the barn.



Søsætra has comfortable, beautiful rooms with excellent beds. Renovated tiled bathrooms, maximum of two rooms sharing one bathroom, many rooms have their own. There are 18 single rooms and 2 double rooms.

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Course Hall

A large course hall is being built on the second floor of the barn. The barn will be finished by January 2025. It will be an extraordinary room with high ceilings, extraordinary lights and large window surfaces facing the yard and the pond.

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In the main house there is a large indoor pool and jacuzzi with a beautiful view of the pond.

Raw Vegetables


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The food is prepared with great care and will nourish both body and mind. We harvest from our own kitchen garden and pick berries and mushrooms in the forest. It will be a vegetarian diet with vegan options.

At Søsætra you are close to nature, surrounded by deep forest and untrodden paths. Rich animal and birdlife. By the main house there is a small pond with beach, jetty and sauna.

Contact us


Sørsætervegen 151

2412 Sørskogbygda

+47 906 08 866

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